Cuernavaca City

Commonly referred to as "the city of eternal spring," Cuernavaca has been known for several decades as a center for the study of Spanish. However, the city’s exchanges with various cultures date back hundreds of years.  Cuernavaca’s first settlement emerged around 1200 CE with the founding of Cuauhnáhuac and later the Mexica (Aztec) city of Tlahuica. With the fall of the city to Cortes in 1521 came the city’s current name of Cuernavaca. A site marked by conquest and resistance, the city is now treasured for its historical and cultural significance to Central Mexico. Today, Cuernavaca has become a common travel destination for residents of Mexico City as well as a wealth of artists, writers, and actors. The city includes numerous sights such as the museum of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros, the Robert Brady Museum, the Palace of Cortes, and the famed city center (zocalo), there are various options for exploration in Cuernavaca.